Page 9 - Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Report
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                                            Question 4

                                         Where do you believe new housing should be situated and why? (126

                                            1   Within the village envelope, including large garden projects. Fields
                                                behind Post Office.
                                            2   Turnfields: Because this is central to the village, near the park and the
                                                land is currently unused and not maintained.
                                            3   We have new homes going up in Turnfields - we shouldn’t have any
                                            4   In the area designated suitable at Turnfields, only 1-25 houses. The
                                                land (Pound Ground Field) already has planning permission ONLY
                                                for 6 stable blocks as part of a FAMILY (the owner) development.
                                                Suggest they stick with what they have asked for and build stables,
                                                rather than use this as a ploy!
                                            5   Where there is adequate sewerage. Water and traffic services would
                                                be increased to cope with extra demand.
                                            6   Not off  Worminghall Road as insufficient access. Increased traffic
                                                flow to family garden at the local pub. No public footpath on that side
                                                of the road. Not Pound Ground Field as this leaves ‘open land’ for
                                                future development i.e. extends the village. Turnfields is the best
                                                location as close to family amenities (playground, shop, school).
                                                Infrastructure could easily be enhanced (new access via Turnfields /
                                                Sheldon Road) to make a 1 way system. Most efficient management
                                                of increased traffic. Ground is not currently farmed or utilised.
                                            7   Turnfields as currently proposed limited to 35 houses.
                                            8   Turnfields.
                                            9   Turnfields site only as there is already an access road.
                                          10    In all honesty, I don’t believe they are needed. It would be an absolute
                                                shame to build on such beautiful land and I do worry about the local
                                          11    Turnfields site – access already available. Limit new building to
                                                maximum of 20-25 homes.
                                          12    I think that the best place is near Turnfields, with houses for younger
                                                village people and older peoples’ housing.
                                          13    Within the village boundaries. The proposed development off
                                                Turnfields is ideal. Pound Ground Field is totally unnecessary at this
                                                time and it is way beyond the boundaries of the village.
                                          14    I believe the site that makes the most sense is the Turnfields one. This
                                                plot has the right access and would cause minimal disruption.
                                          15    Support the development at Turnfields as this would be in keeping
                                                with the current layout of the village. I strongly oppose the other 2
                                                sites off Worminghall Road – building on these sites is not in keeping
                                                with the village layout. Taking building up to Ickford Road will lead to
                                                further applications to infill the area including Sheldon Road. Local
                                                infrastructure would not be able to support this level of development.
                                                I disagree with the re-categorisation of the village as a medium
                                                village, given that the shop is owned by the village and the school
                                                serves the surrounding area. I agree we should take some houses, but
                                                not the number allocated by the VALP.

                                         VISION FOR ICKFORD – NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN
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