Page 10 - Ickford Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Report
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                16    I believe the council has already marked an area of the village as
                      acceptable for development and my understanding is that the other
                      areas awaiting planning permission have been described by the council
                      as unsuitable for development.
                17    Turnfields seems most appropriate as a discreet area of no particular
                      ecological or agricultural merit. Other sites are unsuitable as they will
                      overload the infrastructure.
                18    Any infill sites and Turnfields only.
                19    Turnfields.
                20    I believe the housing should be situated on the Worminghall Road end
                      of the village to keep the main thoroughfare safe, parking for the
                      school would be worse.
                21    Turnfields.
                22    Not sure – the proposed houses off  Turnfields already worry me as
                      that spot is tranquil – my son loves to play basketball in a safe place.
                      However, recent drain smells coming through suggest that it is
                      somewhere away from these sewerage problems?
                23    Places with good public transport to avoid additional motor traffic.
                      Walking distance of local facilities. Not on a flood plain.
                24    Turnfields, which was the first proposal and was always supported.
                25    Land off Turnfields. This retains a village aspect with views over back
                      fields and the recreation ground. Proposal by Land & Partners was
                      sympathetic to a village site.
                26    It would be least intrusive if the developments were at the end of the
                      village. There is too much traffic travelling through already, especially
                      at peak times. The land off Turnfields or the Pound Ground Field at
                      the end of the village would cause less congestion.
                27    In towns not villages.
                28    Land off Turnfields because it would be the most suitable site.
                      However I do not feel that the village needs such a large development.
                29    The work for VALP suggests Turnfields is the only possibility.
                30    Land off Turnfields because it is a smaller development and
                      proportionate to the existing village size.
                31    Turnfields – well within the boundaries of the village on what is
                      effectively wasteland.
                32    There shouldn’t be any new homes as the village doesn’t have the
                33    Turnfields, as currently only site proposed that is not agricultural.
                34    No more houses needed.
                35    Turnfields.
                36    Behind Turnfields.
                37    Infill in village – no new large developments.
                38    Turnfields.
                39    The Turnfields site is a reasonable size and would keep the village
                      compact. The other 2 sites are far too large. The Pound Field site
                      would extend the village.
                40    Pound Ground field – better access into it without affecting many
                41    I feel that if any new housing should be built, it should be in a way that
                      is not going to make the village any bigger.

                                                VISION FOR ICKFORD – NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN
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